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Dr. Shew Kuhn Lee
Congratulations on your 30th Annual Inauguration Ball & many happy returns.
James K. S. Lee
One Page Ads for Members
Stephen C Wong
Well designed website. Very informative and good photo collection. May be add a page on how to join or participate.
James K Tsui
Very informative! Job well done!
Suny Lui
Job well done, fellow members should contribute more to the content.
VDG Rolando dela Cru
I believe that this is a nice and fantastic job. This a better way of recording visitors and contacting them in the future. Keep up the good work.
James K. S. Lee
Is it practical that the info such as daily stock quoatations, local headline news, wheather, etc. be provided for our visitors. This is to create a one stop Shopping (viewing) for members. Visitors donot need to go to the other sites for stock quotes etc. As a result, I think that the traffic of our site will be incresed substantially.
James K S Lee
Keep up the good work. Recording device for detecting Number of persons visited our site( per month) would be useful for finding out the demand of the site. Pls ignore this comment if such counts have been made in the past.
kamton chun
Very Good!
Kai Ming Kan
Well done, Chris. Let us hope that we have more visitors. Thank you.
Alfred Cheung
Very impressive!

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