Members Entrance:

The Toronto Cathay Lions Club is a group of very devoted individuals. Undearneath it all, however, lies a difficult, intricate role of management that is bestowed on the President every year. We take this opportunity to recognize the past presidents of the Club:

Past Presidents
SAM TSANG1975-1976
JIM CHIM1976-1977
FRED KAN1977-1978
EDDIE CHOW1978-1979
ROBERT MARK1979-1980
KIT WONG1980-1981
LING CHEUNG1981-1982
LEO CHAN1982-1983
DANIEL CHAN1983-1984
BORIS YAU1985-1986
KAI MING KAN1986-1987
JACKIE LAI1987-1988
JAMES K.S. LEE1988-1989
MERTON KWAN1989-1990
KIT WONG1991-1992
SUNY LUI1993-1994
LOUIS LEE1994-1995
KERRY HUI1995-1996
KAMTON CHUN1996-1997
FRANK WOO1997-1998
MATTHEW LYN1998-1999
FRANK WOO1999-2000
JAMES TSUI2000-2001
DIAMOND TAM2001-2002
ALPHA LAI2002-2003

We would also like to recognize:

Past Presidents' Committee Co-chairs
Diamond Tam and James Tsui

Past District Governor
Dr. Kai Ming Kan

Life Members
Dr. Kai Ming Kan
Jackie Lai
James Lee
Kit Wong

Website Founding Chair
Dr. Kai Ming Kan